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This is a new model of Medical Practice that provides patients, who have an interest and the means to afford it, a higher level of service and physician engagement than they might otherwise get in a standard clinic or practice setting.  It doesn't take the place of traditional or standard health insurance, but does substantially increase the level of service and one-on-one engagement that the Primary Care Physician is able to provide.   

Customized treatment and wellness plans are common features of Concierge Medical Programs.  Executive screening, cardiovascular fitness programs, nutrition and diet counseling are common features of these plans.  Many Concierge Physicians also offer "alternative" therapies, stress reduction, etc. 

CCI works closely with many of the Top Concierge Physicians in the Cherry Creek area and throughout Denver.  We offer Executive/VIP Screening packages, and routinely perform Cardiovascular Imaging tests, such as CIMT (Carotid Intima-Media Thickness) and CT Cardiac Calcium Scoring to evaluate cardiovascular risk.  We also provide high resolution CT Lung Cancer Screening for those with a smoking history or who are otherwise at risk.   

Executive / VIP Screening Tests are generally not covered by traditional insurance plans, but discounted cash pricing is available at CCI.  Just ask. 


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