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CT Scan (Computed Tomography)

A CT scan uses X-rays and a sophisticated computer to produce cross-sectional images. These images are obtained in a helical fashion and then reconstructed in a slice-by-slice manner, similar to the slices in a loaf of bread.  Each computerized slice is a certain thickness, which varies depending upon the anatomical part of the body being evaluated. For example, the slice thickness through certain parts of the ear is much thinner than the slices taken through portions of the chest and abdomen. With CT Imaging, we are able to visualize various types of tissue, such as lung, bone, soft tissue and blood vessels. CTA or CT-Angiography is a specialized type of CT exam used to visualize arteries and veins throughout the body. 

Many CT studies require the use of oral and IV contrast media to enhance the visibility of certain body tissues or blood vessels.  Patients may be asked to drink a shake of oral contrast or contrast media may be injected into a small vein depending upon the body part being imaged. Our technologists and staff screen patients prior to the exam for allergies, and medical conditions, such as diabetes, asthma, kidney, heart or thyroid conditions. Allergic reactions to IV contrast are rare. However, an occasional adverse allergic reaction may occur.  For this reason, we have a physician  available throughout the day to appropriately manage these rare occurrences.

Cherry Creek Imaging’s advanced Radiology Information System allows referring physicians to review images and written reports shortly after your procedure has been completed. Our Radiologists are always available for one-on-one consultations with referring physicians regarding any questions or concerns.

Patient Information and Resources

For specific information on which type of body CT for general information, preparation, expectations, limitations, benefits and risks and indications please click the links below.

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