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Procedural Preps

Procedural Preparations for our services can be found on the related service tabs.

The MRI exam is one of the most advanced and broadly used diagnostic tools available to assess a broad spectrum of the body's anatomy and its function. It is very sensitive to changes in the body's tissues with a great amount of detail offered. Our system features the GE high-field, short-bore, EXCITE system producing high resolution imaging and significantly shortens exam time.
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CT Imaging
A CT scan uses radiation to obtain its images. This allows us to evaluate sections of the body from the head to the toes in a slice by slice manner similar to slices of a loaf of bread. This system features a GE Multi-detector, helical exam with cardiac gating capabilities.
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Ultrasound, also known as Sonography, produces images of multiple anatomical parts of the body using high-frequency sound waves which are reflected in varying degrees, depending on the tissue interfaces and its makeup. Both diagnostic and interventional guided procedures are performed on this Siemens Enteris.
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Fluoroscopy is a form of diagnostic radiology that uses X-rays in real time.  This procedure uses a special piece of equipment called a fluoroscope which enables radiologists to see the organ or area of concern.
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Plain Film
Diagnostic X-rays are a form of radiation and were the first images developed in the field of Radiology for evaluating the human body. They capture a picture of the inside of your body dependent on the differing densities of fat, bones and soft tissues of the body.  These studies are now filmless, enabling immediate availability and transfer of digital images to the referring physician.
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Interventional Radiology
Cherry Creek Imaging has four interventionalist physicians trained in this subspecialty which uses low dose radiation and minimally invasive catheter techniques for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes.  These procedures will often times side-step more aggressive surgical procedures, making them more desirable. We work closely with both the patients and their referring physicians to ensure the best treatment options possible., www.radiology

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